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Sporting challenges require fitness

Our service portfolio comprises the entire process of structural business development, starting with consultation, conception and planning as a basis for practical implementation.

Crisis management

Severe corporate crises, irrespective of whether they have been caused internally or externally, require fast and trustful action. Strategically smart deliberation with resulting measures form the basis of our performance profile.

Assessment of ongoing projects

A view from the outside often reveals weak points. If required, we involve experienced specialists so that sound, industrial project experience will also be integrated into your business via these experts.

Restructuring measures

Should there already be tangible deficits within the business, which considerably weaken its competitiveness, these weak points will be precisely analysed and corrected. The objective is sustainable orientation to ensure corporate success.

Business cooperations

Cooperations are feasible options for market development and perhaps also a way of preparing corporate takeovers. For this purpose, we identify suitable partners at both a national and an international level. These are assessed correspondingly on site so that, following a positive expertise, they can be available as potential partners for any further steps.

Corporate takeovers

In addition to professional skills and experience takeovers also require utmost confidentiality. For our customers we identify suitable target companies and actively support the entire process.

Acquisition of managerial staff

The successful filling of management positions requires a great deal of experience and an appropriate international network.

Interim management

Even at the upper management level external expertise is often required over a given period to introduce special experience into the company. Restructuring measures particularly require fast and qualified action. Also in this area we can actively support you with our experience.